Terms &conditions

1. Guarantee pax to be provided along with the confirmed menu
2. Any cancellations are allowed prior 48 hrs. Of the event date.
3. Cancelling the order prior 24hrs from the event date will be deducted 10%.
4. Same day cancellation is not done and it is 100% payable.
5. The payment will be calculated whichever is higher for example, if the minimum guarantee is 100 pax and the count is 50 pax then will be charges for guarantee pax. If the
guarantee pax given 100 pax and the guest count is 120 pax then it will be charged for 120 pax.
6. Buffer will be considered for 10% of the guaranteed pax.
7. The advance payment will be taken for minimum guarantee pax given after the final confirmation.
8. The prices are quoted for the food and it’s service with basic setup. Any special requirements for unique setup will be charged accordingly or can be arranged from host.
9. The pictures are shown in the web are photogenic and may vary in actual.